720 W Stichsäge, Hublänge 19 mm



  • Innovative Bauform und zuschaltbare Spanblaseinrichtung für freie Sicht auf den Schnitt
  • Sehr geringe Vibrationswerte für hohen Anwenderkomfort und exaktere Schnitte, Sicherheitsschalter mit Einschaltsperre und herunterklappbare Führungshilfe
  • Starker 500 Watt Motor für eine maximale Schnittleistung bis zu 72 mm in Holz und 6 mm in Stahl
  • Werkzeugloses Sägeblatt-Schnellwechselsystem und Staubabsaugvorrichtung
  • Bodenplatte aus Stahl
  • Sicherheitsschalter mit Einschaltsperre
  • GripZone+™


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 — Just the Job

Wonderful tool.Excellent value & does every task to perfection.Much better than my old "top brand" jigsaw.

 — RJS720

i bought this saw aftre my +one was destroyed (long story!) anyway to say this saw in impressive is an understatment. First of all the grip, this is very comfy and give a nice soft feel to the saw and fits well in the. The balde lock has to be one of the best i have come across, i have ofter had problems with the blade popping out espesially when cutting curves, the RJS720 held tight. the actual cut is very presice and straight and has a very smooth finish, less sanding!. where this really shines for me is the shaping of curves and how well and smooth it can be manovered, very impressive. the dust blower is a great little thing too keeping the dust of your work which is very handy if your following lines. all in all a brillinat, very capable saw and well worth picking one up.

 — Good jigsaw

Great little jigsaw, feels good in the hand. Nice color. Very bad quick blade relese system, the guard rail gets in the way of opening it fully, push to far on it and the whole thing pops off...

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